At AGPROfessionals, we have a deep-seeded passion for agriculture and helping locals grow their business and achieve success. At AGPROfessionals, we offer a  range of agricultural services to help Colorado and Nevada communities optimize their agricultural operations, maximize their return of investment, comply with regulations, and more to reach their goals.

In our last blog, The Pros & Cons Of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, we shared the advantages and disadvantages of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)  and touched briefly on the importance of well-managed, located, and monitored CAFOs for the protection of the environment and public health. That is why in today’s blog, we are going to share how our team of agricultural consultant professionals can help properly manage concentrated animal feeding operations to not only ensure the protection of local communities, but also optimize efficiency and success. Keep reading to learn how.


If you are an owner and operator of a concentrated animal feeding operation that has the potential to discharge, you must obtain a permit. At AGPROfessionals, our agricultural consulting professionals can help you obtain your permit by answering any questions you may have, walking you through the application process, and ensuring you meet and follow state, local, and government regulations.

Facility Inspections

As an owner and operator of a CAFO, you must comply with state, local, and government regulations, as CAFOs have the potential to pollute groundwater, surface water, and the air. To ensure CAFOs are complying with the environmental regulations, CAFOs are subject to inspections. There are many reasons why your facility may be selected for inspection, including a complaint, random selection, or Colorado’s unique targeting method. Our team of professional agricultural consulting professionals can help you better understand the compliance assurance process, affirm you are complying with the requirements stated in your permit, and make you aware of any violations.

Animal Waste Discharges

To ensure the quality of streams, lakes, ponds, and groundwater sources, manure and wastewater that animals produce must be dealt with effectively. If you are worried that you are not meeting regulations or you would like advice on how to more safely and efficiently discharge, our agricultural consulting professionals can help.

Nutrient Management Plans

Wastewater has the potential to significantly improve the condition of the soil to enhance plant growth; however, if the wastewater contains an excess amount of nutrients, it can actually cause more harm than good. That is why good nutrient planning is essential. At AGPROfessionals, we can help you develop and implement a solid nutrient management plan that will help you optimize the economic returns of reusing wastewater on agricultural lands.

& More

Our services don’t stop there. Our agricultural consultants are not just experts in agriculture, but also professional problem solvers who work with a team of other agricultural consulting professionals, engineers, designers, financial planners, real estate agents, surveyors, and more that are eager and ready to help you face any challenges that may arise with your concentrated animal feeding operation.

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