There is just something about an old run down barn, located on a family farm that’s been passed down for generations that brings about an intense sentiment of love, history, and charm. Generations of hard work and memories are created in barns and it can seem impossible to even think about having to tear it down and rebuild. Unfortunately, as time goes on more and more individuals are left with the difficult decision of either tearing down their old barn or restoring it to its former glory. In today’s blog, we will be sharing the top three reasons why you should restore your run down barn, as well as the three signs to look for that indicate your barn is beyond repair.

Benefits To Restoring

Historic Preservation

Have you ever been on a road trip and noticed old, rotting, abandoned barns out in the distance that reminded you of America’s agricultural heritage? Sadly, the barns from our ancestors’ past are becoming older and older, prompting many to tear them down and rebuild — removing their mark from history. You can help avoid this by restoring your old barn, so future generations can enjoy its rustic charm and history.

A New Purpose

In the day and age of repurposing, old barns are not exempt. A huge benefit to taking on an agriculture project and restoring an old barn is that you can transform it to fit your agricultural needs. Whether it best suits you to restore your old barn to a tractor farm, dairy farm, or even into a shed or workshop, you’ll be able to transform it anyway you’d like and give the old barn on your property new life.

Add Value To Land

Typically, the more your barn is worth, the more value is added to your land. On average, restored barns that meet the current day’s agricultural needs will get you more money for your land in terms of resell. However, before you begin your agricultural project and invest in barn restoration, speak with one of our financial experts to ensure a profitable flip.

Signs Your Barn Is Beyond Repair

Unsafe Structure

Unfortunately, there comes a time when your barn just isn’t safe anymore and needs to be torn down. If your barn is no longer structurally sound — the ground is no longer stable, the walls are starting to shift, and your beams are rotting, your barn is beyond repair; unless you are willing and ready to put in a lot of work and drop some serious money.

Costs More To Repair Than Build New

A common and understandable reason many barns get torn down instead of restored is because the cost to repair the barn outweighs the cost to build new. Sometimes the money and hassle of the frequent repairs old barns need are financially unachievable, and though it’s sad, it is necessary to tear down the barn and start new.

You Have No Goals For It

Is your old barn just sitting there, empty, without a purpose in sight? If you don’t have any future goals for your barn, it may be a sign your barn is beyond repair. If you don’t have a need for your barn, you may benefit the most by tearing down your barn and selling the wood, rather than just watching it rot.

As always, before you decide whether or not to tear down or begin planning your project to restore your old barn, it’s always wise to speak with one of our agricultural professionals to determine which option is best for your individual needs. Call us today! We look forward to helping you with your agricultural project.