Monitoring Solution

On-Point Advantage Solutions™ is a cost-effective, satellite-driven monitoring system for environmental compliance. Environmental management and compliance is a must for agriculture projects. AGPROfessionals’ innovative On-Point Advantage Solutions™ helps users efficiently manage their daily operations by automatically monitoring, storing, and reporting on-site environmental compliance information from anywhere in the world.

Encrypted & Secure

On-Point Advantage Solutions™ are secure, internet-based compliance systems for dairies, feedlots, hog, and poultry farms. There is no software to purchase or install. The system is accessed and administered by encrypted and password-protected users via the internet. This means you can access the system from virtually anywhere in the world, so long as there is an internet connection. On-Point Advantage Solutions™ can monitor, record, and transmit the items listed below.

Water Levels

Measures Water Levels in Ponds, Lagoons and Tanks


Monitor and Measure the Liquid Precipitation Over a Set Period of Time

Wind Speed & Direction

Research Air Quality & General Purpose Meteorological Applications


Measure and Record Flow From Pipes, Pumps and Spillways


Record Air or Soil Temperatures

Voltage & Amperage

Monitor and Manage Equipment Maintenance


Full Control

Users can set alarms for minimum, maximum, and rate of change. On-Point Advantage Solutions™ is capable of alerting users via smartphone, tablet or email. It’s like having an ag engineering specialist in your pocket.

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“We are proud to offer our clients this state-of-the-art system. With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of agricultural development, we continue to develop products and offer quality service that will benefit our agricultural clients.” – Tom Haren, CEO