Maria Irianni Renno MS PhD Candidate Senior Enviornmental Engineer

AGPROfessionals Hires Maria Irianni Renno, M.S, PhD Candidate

AGPROfessionals Hires Maria Irianni Renno, M.S. PhD Candidate


November 7, 2023

On November 7, 2023, Maria Irianni Renno joined the group as Senior Environmental Engineer. Irianni Renno has over 10 years of experience working as a project manager and technical specialist in environmental remediation, working in the academic sector in collaboration with private and government clients, on-site investigations, remediation system design, and developing and implementing monitoring tools for site and technology assessments.

Maria specializes in biogeochemical cycle characterization and its application to different environments with the goal of optimizing natural and engineered processes to achieve efficient and cost-effective solutions. She has extensive field experience in the collection and preservation of biodegradable and redox-sensitive samples as well as in the installation of non-conventional monitoring sensor-based tools. Maria is well-versed in several remediation technologies and has primarily focused on molecular biology tools and microbiology for environmental applications. A focus of her career has been the development of monitoring tools for natural source zone depletion (NSZD) of contaminants and biodegradation enhancement technologies for contaminants in multiphase environments with a strong emphasis on sustainability and impact mitigation. This expertise makes her a valuable resource in waste management and remediation practices to yield the best cost-benefit for our clients.

Maria earned her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2011. She was awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship to complete her Master Studies at Colorado State University in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Maria completed her Masters in 2013 and is looking forward to defending her PhD dissertation.

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AGPROfessionals Founder and CEO Tom Haren stated, “We are excited to add Maria’s expertise to our team of professionals. We look forward to using her talents and capabilities to help our clients with their ever-increasing and complex environmental matters.”

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