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We Are The Producer's Regulatory Expert and Advisor

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AGPROfessionals knows how busy our producers are and keeping track of all the environmental requirements can be daunting.

Our On-Point Advantage SolutionsTM is a regulatory compliance service you can count on that assists our producer clients with recordkeeping and inspection requirements. Our On-Point Advantage Solutions provides services for environmental compliance with confined animal feeding operations (CAFO) regulations for any livestock species.

The On-Point Advantage System™ is like having one of our agricultural consultants in your pocket monitoring your ag business and alerting you when something needs to be addressed.

Confidential Quarterly Inspections

We provide quarterly inspections of your facility, processes, and impoundments. We inspect for compliance with CAFO regulations and provide our producer clients with a confidential report of our findings. As a part of this, we complete a quality control review of recordkeeping and keep a dual copy for reference.

Annual Inspections and End of Year Summary

On an annual basis, our On-Point Advantage Solutions service will conduct sampling and nutrient analysis of manure streams and soils used for land application. In conjunction with the sampling, we will develop agronomic application recommendations. All available records are compiled in an end-of-year summary or report depending on how the facility is permitted and what reporting is necessary.

Support for Regulatory Inspections

In addition to quarterly and annual inspections, we provide our clients with support for regulatory inspections. We offer confidential pre-emptive inspections and recommendations and assist with violation corrections and reporting. We have an on-call service and have team members available 24/7 to support your facility during emergency inspections or impoundment situations and assist with documenting, sampling, and reporting if needed.

Web-Based Option

For your accuracy, consistency, and convenience, we also provide an optional web-based service for digital recordkeeping of environmental factors electronically monitored at the facility. This also includes electronic monitoring of weather, water levels, and pumping, among other data.

On-Point Advantage Solutions™ are secure, internet-based compliance systems for dairies, feedlots, hog, and poultry farms. There is no software to purchase or install. The system is accessed and administered by encrypted and password-protected users via the internet. This means you can access the system from virtually anywhere in the world, so long as there is an internet connection.

AGPROfessionals’ innovative On-Point Advantage Solutions™ helps users efficiently manage their daily operations by automatically monitoring, storing, and reporting on-site environmental compliance information from anywhere in the world.

We take great pride in offering this state-of-the-art technology for our clients.


Additional Services

AGPROfessionals offers additional services in permitting, nutrient management planning, groundwater monitoring, liner testing, certification, and preparing documents needed to meet regulatory requirements. If you are interested in these services, please call our office to speak with someone from our On-Point Team.

Maria Irianni Renno – Engineer

Janine Baratta – Agronomist

Marli Farmer – On-Point Coordinator

“We Are Proud To Offer Our Clients This State-Of-The-Art System. With Over 20 Years Of Experience In All Aspects Of Agricultural Development, We Continue To Develop Products And Offer Quality Service That Will Benefit Our Agricultural Clients.” – Tom Haren, CEO


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