Featured Projects

Dairy Hospital Barn.png

Dairy - Hospital Barn

We designed and engineered this hospital barn for a client in Nevada. The double 16 herringbone hospital barn can accommodate 150 milking cows and 100 fresh calves. It was designed for ease of treatment, including a milk area, a prep area, and a drive-through calf bottle filling station. There is also a treatment room, a flushed cow deck, a holding pen, and plenty of room in the front area for work.

Opal Foods 4 Million Egg Laying Facility.png

Opal Foods - Project for 4-Million Bird Layer Facility

4 Million Bird Layer Facility – Opal Foods

Our AGPROfessionals staff prepared an Amended Use by Special Review permit with Weld County to increase the capacity of an existing egg laying facility to 4.4 million layers including 8 new layer barns and updates to the egg processing facility. The project included permitting and civil engineering design for site grading and CAFO compliance. '

Our engineers designed and engineered the...

National Western Stock Show - Proud to be part of this project.png

National Western Stock Show - Sue Anschutz Rodgers Livestock Center

It is very rewarding seeing the facilities you helped plan get built! We worked on the manure management system for the new Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Livestock Center.

This is a great project for Colorado, livestock exhibitors, and for agriculture!

We are proud to be a part of this project!


University of Idaho CAFE Research Dairy - AGPROfessionals.png

University of Idaho College of Agricultural & Life Sciences CAFE Research Dairy

AGPROfessionals has had the privilege of working on the design of the


Intermountain Beef Thumbnail.png

Intermountain Beef - Feedlot Expansion

Our AGPROfessionals Idaho team has been busy!

This is a feedyard expansion project for Intermountain Beef.

They utilized roller compacted concrete to line their pens and runoff pond. The first in the state of Idaho and one of the first in the Western United States to use this technique for feedyards. With the winter weather, the new pens have kept down the mud and made cleaning pens so much easier.

The video shows the start...

Commodity Barn Plans Wolf Creek Dairy AGPROfessionals.png

Dairy Commodity Barn

At AGPROfessionals, we work to make things simple and efficient for our clients, whether we are designing a facility or helping them make decisions that positively impact their operation.

These are the plans of a commodity barn for a 5,000-cow dairy, for which we designed the entire facility and layout. The feed center is located in a central area, providing ease for delivery and feed trucks. It also includes stationary mixers,...

Site Development Plan - Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union.png

Site Development Plan - Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union

Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union

Our team at AGPROfessionals completed the subdivision re-plat and site development plan for the Wellington Pointe Business Park in Wellington, Colorado, for Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union. The business park development project included lot layout, road and utility plans, off-site engineering for water, sewer, and storm drain re-alignment, and landscape plans. We prepared a Request for Proposal...

Malta  - Dairy to Feedlot - Southern Idaho.png

Dairy Conversion to Feedlot in Southern Idaho

Our AGPROfessionals team has successfully completed the permitting process to convert an existing dairy operation to a beef feedlot for our clients in Southern Idaho.

Prior to our client's purchase of the property, we conducted a feasibility study. The process included a formal evaluation of the property and available Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) permits in consideration for potentially purchasing the property. Our...

Stormwater Detention Ponds - AGPROfessionals.png

Stormwater Detention Ponds

Stormwater Detention Ponds

AGPROfessionals has a full team of professional engineers that can prepare complete drainage reports and design and engineer stormwater detention ponds and stormwater conveyances for both agricultural and commercial applications.

Construction Stormwater Management.png

Construction Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff is produced by precipitation like snow or rain that falls onto an impervious or partially impervious surface like roofs, driveways, roads, or structures and is not absorbed into the soil. As the runoff flows, it picks up pollutants and sediment along the way that can be transferred into nearby waterways. Stormwater controls help to manage this by filtering and/or preventing pollution by controlling those...

RV and Boat Storage Site Plan Review - Thumbnail.png

Outdoor Boat and RV Storage Facility - Site Plan Review

We prepared a Fort Lupton Site Plan Review for an outdoor boat and RV storage facility.

This project included land use permitting, civil engineering design, landscape design, and public hearings. The 14.25-acre site will be developed in two phases. Phase 1 will have 394 parking stalls. Phase 2 includes offices, carports, and two 5,000 SF buildings, and will have 323 parking stalls.

Water storage tanks were designed to meet fire...

Water Conservancy District Building.png

Water Conservancey District Building

We designed and engineered a new office and maintenance facility for the Water Conservancy District in Colorado. The project scope included the design of the office area with three offices and a maintenance hub. The maintenance hub is comprised of a break room, storage, and an area for maintenance and storage of equipment.

Since our clients were able to identify the equipment that would be stored and worked on at the facility, we were...

Industrial Park - Planned Unit Development.png

Industrial Park - Planned Unit Development

Highland Industrial Park PUD

Our team at AGPROfessionals completed the Industrial Planned Unit Development subdivision for the Highland Industrial Park PUD in the Town of Ault. Along with the approval of the PUD, our team prepared an Estimate of Probable Cost for utilities and infrastructure, building construction, landscaping, and site improvements.

Engineering and design, grading, drainage reports, interior roadway design, and...