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Alabama Bans Lab-Grown Meat Products

Alabama Becomes Second State to Ban Lab-Grown Meat

Article by Caleb Taylor for 1819 News


“MONTGOMERY — Alabama became the second state in the nation to ban lab-grown meat after Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill on Wednesday prohibiting and providing criminal penalties for anyone who sells, manufactures or distributes lab-grown meat.”

“The bill, SB23, was sponsored and proposed by State Sen. Jack Williams (R-Wilmer) and carried in the House by State Rep. Danny Crawford (R-Athens).”

"Take your fake meat elsewhere," Williams said. "We're not doing that in Alabama."

"These folks are throwing a couple of animal cells in there with some chemicals and calling it meat. Alabamians want to know what they are eating, and we have no idea what is in this stuff or how it will affect us," he added. "Meat comes from livestock raised by hardworking farmers and ranchers, not from a petri dish grown by scientists. We are protecting our farmers and the integrity of American agriculture."

Alabama farmers have played a crucial role in sustaining our nation, feeding and clothing America through their dedication and hard work for generations.

“Crawford said, "This law will strengthen our livestock and poultry industry by preventing lab-cultured cells from being sold in Alabama."

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