Food Companies Targeted in Colorado

Do Environmental NGOs and Colorado Policy Makers Know Where Food Comes From?


New Pollution Rules for Manufacturers Raise Questions and Eyebrows

Anyone reading the Denver Post article titled, “State weighs new pollution rules for manufacturers” has to wonder why certain businesses have become targets of environmentalists and the policy makers they sway, and others have not. This is all about the 2021 law titled the Environmental Justice Act (HB 21-1266) which mandates a requirement for greenhouse gas reduction from companies that are in disproportionately impacted communities. At this point it appears that the rulemaking process has already commenced and there will be a hearing starting Wednesday at 4:35, then on Thursday 21st, and Friday the 22nd.

Washington DC Environmental Group Is Meddling in Colorado

It is not surprising that a Washington DC group called Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has weighed in and the panel advising the Department of Public Health and Environment, called the Climate Equity Community Advisory Council, is vying for their recommendations to be followed instead of the recommendations of other concerned groups based in Colorado, or even the recommendations of their own Air Quality Control Division.

Do Environmental NGOs and Policy Makers Know Where Food Comes From?

A visit to the EDF website makes it apparent that this group is targeting agriculture. We find this interesting as the companies mentioned in The Denver Post article are Colorado food companies, Cargill Meat Solutions, Leprino Foods, Western Sugar Cooperative, Molson Coors, and Natural Soda. Two other companies listed in the article as targets are Microchip Technology and Suncor Energy. Meanwhile, other large manufacturers in the state are exempt. Once again, the most important industries when it comes to supporting communities and feeding families, agriculture and food production, are under attack when their GHG contributions are nowhere near the contributions of other industries.

It really makes you wonder if these NGOs and policy makers know where their food comes from.


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