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Mill touts data tracking as a means to reduce household food waste

Over the first year of its devices’ widespread use, the company estimates they helped customers reduce their organic waste production by about 20%.

From an article in WasteDive written by Jacob Wallace

Dive Brief:

  • At-home food waste processor Mill says its devices processed about 2 million wet pounds of organics between April 2023 and May 2024, according to its first study of customer data. The company estimates customer households generated about 5.5 pounds of food scraps per week on average.
  • Mill allows users to see real-time data about their food waste using an app. It found that users typically decreased their food scraps by about 20% over the first four months of use, with their waste rate plateauing after that period.
  • “It’s very difficult to improve things that aren’t measured. That’s why it was so critical to us to include feedback loops for measurement, so households are able to track their progress and take action to save time and money,” Harry Tannenbaum, co-founder and president of Mill, said in a statement.

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