Not in my backyard

Not in My Backyard Strikes Again - Article about Tennessee Farmer

Another "Not in my backyard" scenario was made even more egregious since the city annexed a long-operating farm, and Tennessee's Right to Farm laws are very clear.

Article by Chris Bennett for Farm Journal and


"On Sept. 5, 2023, the city council of Jackson, Tenn., passed a motion (9-0) to outlaw chicken litter use on farmland within the city limits due to odor issues.

Fifth-generation producer Griggs grows corn, cotton, soybeans, and wheat in Madison and Crockett counties. Chicken litter is the backbone of his nutrient program, and 450 of his acres (30% of his total farmland) are within Jackson city limits."

"Griggs’ operation has long been at the vanguard of conservation, stewardship, and minimal inputs. The litter odor, he says, is a minimal nuisance. “We truck it in and the smell lasts about three days in summer. That means three days out of the entire year. On top of that, I’ve been using chicken litter since before these subdivisions arrived. What about my right to farm?”

"According to the Sept. 5, Jackson city council meeting, a $50 fine per day may be in play for farmers who use chicken litter. However, the financial penalty parameters were not defined. "

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