Wolves released in Colorado came from a pack that kills livestock in Oregon

Recently released wolves into Colorado come from depredating packs in Oregon

Article excerpts:

"Two wolves released on Dec. 19, 2023, in Grand County, Colorado, 2302-OR, a juvenile female, black color, 68 pounds, and 2303-OR, a juvenile male, gray color, 76 pounds, come from the Five Points Pack. According to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Livestock Depredation Investigations, Five Points Pack wolves injured one calf and killed another in separate depredations in July of 2023; killed a cow on Dec. 5, 2022; and injured a 900-pound yearling heifer on July 17, 2022.

On July 21, OFW authorized the killing of up to four wolves from the Five Points Pack after two attacks on livestock within a week, which were the second and third depredations in the area within eight months. USDA employees killed two adult females, one adult male, and a yearling female from the problem pack by Aug. 4.

The other wolves released the same day, 2304-OR, a juvenile female, gray color, 76 pounds, and 2305-OR, a juvenile male, black color, 93 pounds, both come from the Noregaard Pack. According to OFW, the Noregaard Pack was involved in the confirmed killing of a calf on June 15.

The 2307-OR, an adult male, gray color, 108 pounds, comes from the Wenaha Pack. According to OFW, this pack was involved in the confirmed killing of a 7-month-old calf on Sept. 18 and a confirmed cow killed on Oct. 25."

"...one of the ranchers who experienced depredation losses from the Five Points Pack reported a 28% decrease in conception rates and also reported about 20 head of calves missing when pairs were gathered in the fall. Those calves are likely wolf kills, but the calves were never found, something that isn’t uncommon.

Dead cows and calves, he said, is not the ranchers’ biggest issue. Reduced conception rates, weaning weights, drops in body condition scores in the cows, increased management costs, he said, are the greater impacts.

“The confirmed kill list is a small piece of what’s actually happening out there on the ground,”... “The Five Point Pack is a problem pack and has been. They have taken four wolves out of it and it sounds to me like someone tried to convince (CPW) that they took the four wolves out and they haven’t depredated since then or haven’t been seen depredating since then, that the problem has been solved in that pack and that’s just not the case.”"

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