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Wolves in Colorado can be lethally managed under specific conditions, says wildlife commission

Colorado Parks and Wildlife commission votes to allow lethal management of wolves under certain conditions

From Colorado Politics written by Marianne Goodland

Article excerpts:

“A divided Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission on Thursday voted to allow for the lethal management of wolves under certain situations, a move that ranchers in Grand and Jackson counties have sought for months.

The commission approved, on a 6-4 vote, a staff recommendation allowing several permits, including the lethal taking of chronically depredating wolves — those that have demonstrated repeated killing and harassment of livestock or working dogs.

The vote was greeted with applause from dozens of ranchers, many of whom testified to the harms caused by two wolves, in particular, in Grand County. These two wolves are believed to be responsible for killing or injuring at least seven cattle, mostly calves, during calving season in April.”

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