Wolf Creek Dairy - 12 Row Freestall Barn.png

Wolf Creek Dairy - 12 Row Freestall Barn

This 5,000-cow state-of-the-art facility we designed and engineered for our client includes a fully enclosed 12- row tunnel vent freestall barn.

We utilized a tunnel vent system since the owners were concerned about air quality in all the pens inside the barn.

A tunnel ventilation system ensures consistent airflow throughout the entire building, promoting uniform air distribution in each pen by equalizing the air over their distances.

This barn demonstrates two drivelines, accommodating four distinct cow pens. It features an enclosed feed lane, a designated feed access road, and flushed cattle guards for cleanliness and convenience. The end of the building is closed, so the feeder can easily drive under the roof to reach the pens.

The Next Better Thing - Wolf Creek Dairy

Here's more information about Wolf Creek Dairy in this video produced by Dairy Max, titled, "The Next Better Thing"